Building God’s Team of Dancers

Are you a Praise Dancer

or a Worship Dance Team leader

looking to go to a new level

of anointing and skill in your ministry?

Do you want praise dance keys that will

open up fresh streams of God’s power and presence?

If so, ‘Building God’s Team of Dancers’ was written for lovers of Jesus and ministers of movement just like you!

Praise Dance - Building God's Team of Christian Dancers

Praise Dance in God’s Church is alive and well.

Building a Christian Praise Dance team takes strong spiritual leadership, and wise practical understanding. In ‘Building God’s Team of Dancers’ the spiritual and practical dynamics of building a strong and anointed Christian dance team are revealed.

This is not just a mere philosophical book either. These keys, spiritual insights, and practical exercises have been used to successfully mobilise praise dance teams in scores of churches for the past 15 years of author Larna Martin’s Christian dance ministry.

Larna has developed and released teams to enrich worship in churches, provide dynamic prophetic creativity for Christian conferences and festivals, and impacting evangelistic productions on the streets and other outreaches. Her praise dance videos have received over 40,000 views on YouTube, and the skills she shares in this exciting resource are the very ones she has discovered, developed and used herself to successfully build individual praise dancers, and Christian dance teams, that have touched literally thousands of lives with the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Building According To God’s Pattern

Taking the prophetic history outlined in the book of Nehemiah – a powerful book of devotion, restoration, spiritual warfare, prayer and victory – Larna’s latest book, ‘Building God’s Team of Dancers’, will help to equip you in this exciting and vital spiritual ministry that God is restoring to the Body of Christ in our generation. Beginning with the initial call of God, and the stirring in your heart to dance before the Lord, step by step the book proceeds to outline the process of first building your own life to carry the anointing of God’s Holy Spirit through dance, then onto recruiting and training dancers as you begin to develop a strong team to minister in movement.


  • Spiritual foundations to build your team upon
  • Clearly illustrated exercises to develop and strength and flexibility in your body – preparing it for ministry
  • The many gateways into God’s presence through anointed movement, and the different forms of praise and prophetic dance you can enter into.
  • How to use the Word of God in movement and dance
  • Working with apparatus, Christian worship banners, praise dance apparel, and costume, make up and lighting to further enrich the impactful ministry to the church and the world through anointed praise and worship dance
  • What and how to pray effectively for yourself and your team as you grow together and develop in confidence and ability – both practically and spiritually

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With over 70 pages packed with information specifically tailored for the serious praise dancer, ‘Building God’s Team of Dancers’ is a perfect and essential addition to every Christian dancer’s library.


Whether you are just beginning, or you are a true general in God’s army of praise, you will doubtless find something here that will embolden and encourage your heart, and spark fresh fires of creativity.

‘Building God’s Team of Dancers’ and Larna’s first book, ‘Dancing God’s Way into the Tabernacle of His Presence’ can be purchased as a package for only $20

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