Christian Dance

Christian dance not surprisingly is all about Christ. Christ Jesus is the king of our movement. Christian dance centres upon him, and celebrates his victory over darkness.

The word “Christ” is a Greek word literally meaning ‘anointed’ or ‘anointed one’. So when we refer to “Christian” dance we are talking about dance and movement empowered by the anointing of heaven, a supernaturally endued worship flowing from the heart of the Christian dancer.

Christian dance is not about a particular style of dance either – God can just as easily anoint hip-hop as He can classical ballet! What the Father is looking for in the Christian dancer is one who has consecrated themselves, and set apart their Christian dance gift to glorify the One who gave it to them.

Again, it is all about what is on the inside, flowing from the consecrated heart. Our movement is not only in this, the natural realm, but in the spiritual realm. Because we are moving with and in Him, the spiritual world is affected by a Christian dance. Christ himself is expressed and atmospheres are changed.

When we talk about Christian dance we are not referring to a religion or a creed.

God can speak through Christian Dance

In Hebrews chapter one it speaks about how God speaks in many different ways. Through Christian dance God can speak in ways that impact the heart deeply and profoundly. As with all the arts, Christian dance and prophetic movement carries not only a message but the very presence of the Master.

It is this presence, the mystery that work within the Christian dance, that makes anointed movement so different to ordinary dance. The Bible tells us that we are one flesh with Christ, Bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. We are also told that we are the temple of the holy spirit, that he lives in us and flows through us to bring healing and salvation to the world.

The Christian Dancer’s discipline

Biblically a disciple is simply a ‘disciplined’ one. Through diligent training in the natural, and discipline in spiritual things such as prayer, fasting, and a life engaged with the living Word of God through the Scriptures, the Christian dancer has the ability to minister on many levels at one time.

The beauty of skilful and graceful movement coupled with the inward being clothed with Christ, the Anointed One, join together as one in the Christian dancer and flow out in powerful ministry to the Body of Christ and beyond.

The Christian Dance Team

Of course, this dynamic is further multiplied when Christian dancers come together in a unified team and minister as one body.

The development of strong Christian dancers and anointed Christian dance teams is covered in detail in Larna Martin’s excellent book, ‘Building God’s Team of Dancers’.

The message of the gospel in our day

The message of the gospel of Christ in our day is being declared through every means available – with the Christian arts being a major platform that the Holy Spirit is choosing to use.

As a Christian dancer, be encouraged to believe God for His miracle working anointing, His Christ exalting Spirit, and His world transforming ministry made available to you  through the New Covenant in Christ Jesus, the Anointed One.

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