Christian Interpretive Dance

Christian Interpretive Dance can be powerfully used in Christian worship to help bring a strong message to people. In fact, because Christian worship comes with such a clear message to declare, it is perfectly positioned for interpretive movement, dance, drama and the arts. Christian Interpretive Dance is a perfect medium to carry the glorious message of the gospel.

Christian Interpretive Dance can be used to give shape and movement both to the written Word of God, as well as words sung as part of Christian worship, and is particularly powerful when the synergy of music and Scripture are coupled together with the Scriptures being spoken or sung to emotive music.

This emotive element that is so present in Christian Interpretive Dance helps not only to bring a message, but also displays the heart of God behind the message. Interpretive dance and mime has so often been used to amplify and clarify the message that is being spoken or sung in a very special way – Christian Interpretive Dance adds a unique dimension to the message that we are trying to bring and this avenue of Christian witness cannot be valued enough.

Together with the resurgence of the other arts as part of Christian worship, Interpretive Dance and its restoration to the Church and the expression of God’s Kingdom in the earth is a fabulous development. If you have not yet read our article on Christian Dance in Church History you will better understand why we are saying this. Also worth checking out are our Christian Worship Dance videos which include Christian Interpretive Dance in many of the videos showcased.

As with all of the arts Christian Interpretive Dance has the ability to bypass just the intellect and speak straight to the heart.

christian interpretive dance

Over the years certain ministers of the gospel understood the power of this. One of the most notable was a lady called Amy Semple McPhesron. Her life caused some controversy, but none could deny the visible and powerfully anointing of God on her life and ministry. Great miracles took place through her services, and the arts were integral to her mode of expression. She used Christian Interpretive Dance and Drama to great effect. One time, when ministering on the book of Jonah, she even changed the entire stage into the inside of the belly of a whale! It is said that Hollywood moguls would often visit the church to see what Amy was doing and get fresh ideas and be inspired by her creativity.

Her use of Christian Interpretive Dance and Drama allowed her to dramatically drive the gospel message home in unforgettable ways.

One of the most powerful avenues of Christian Interpretive Dance is to take anointed Christian songs and add interpretive and emotive movement to gracefully dramatise the words of the song as they are spoken or sung. Through this means, people’s emotions are engaged causing their heart to be moved toward Christ as the Interpretive dancers interpret the song before their eyes.


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    Just wondering if anyone has ever put on computer the whole program of group performing.We enjoyed a group at Brooklet First Baptist Church last night from Ridgeland, South Carolina. It was wonderful. They did the one where the demons were holding the person and God delivered him. You have a picture displayed on this website. I wanted my grandson who hasn’t made a profession of faith to see it.

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