Banners & Flags Workshop February 2014

Here is quick video from our first Prophetic Dance School 2014 session. Incredible time together. More to come too – wow, we are so blessed by the Lord! Can’t wait for the next one. If you would like to join us for the next session click here…

Tabernacle Dance workshop 10th August 2013

Many people from over Britain and some further afar, gathered with us to move through the Tabernacle of Moses. Pastor David Lee taught on each piece of furniture and together with Larna activated a movement exercise for each. To finish the day the Tabernacle was brought alive as dancers were divided into 6 groups and […]

Taking it to the Streets


We had a great time on Saturday, when I took the family and some other movers onto the streets at Marble Arch, central London, together with the evangelistic team from CCF. Three People gave their lives to Christ and many others touched, especially by my daughter’s freedom of expression. A number of dancers and creative […]

My Praise Dance Journey

“As a child I would dance around the house, on the coffee table (which I cracked!). In the garden I would love to express myself through movement. Due to my less than ideal upbringing I found it easier to express myself through movement than words, as words are not always there to convey the inner […]

Example Praise Dance Vision Statement

What follows is an example Praise dance Mission Statement used for one of the teams we developed several years ago called, “Expressons” EXPRESSIONS (DANCE)   VISION STATEMENT   “Our vision for the dance is to creatively express God’s Word through movement.”   1Cor. 6:19 Do you not know that your body is a temple of […]

Praise And Worship Flags and Banners


The use of praise and worship flags and banners is Biblical. Flags and banners were so much part of the worship and identification of God’s people in the Old Testament and we are able to learn from this type and shadow some of the principles we can apply in our worship today. Each tribe had […]