Tabernacle Dance workshop 10th August 2013

Many people from over Britain and some further afar, gathered with us to move through the Tabernacle of Moses. Pastor David Lee taught on each piece of furniture and together with Larna activated a movement exercise for each.

To finish the day the Tabernacle was brought alive as dancers were divided into 6 groups and became the stations of the Tabernacle that individual dancers could move through.

The experience was spectacular with so much colour and interaction moving people to another level in Him.

Thank you for yesterday, it was so good to see you and to have the fellowship with others.  It was a very focussed day, well planned it was good to see you and your husband together!!!!.  Quite a family!!!!!  It was good to see them all.  There is so much in the Tabernacle, I still have not got a full picture, but it has stirred me up!   love and blessings to you both, you are very gracious.   Caroline

I plan to share the content of the Aug 10 event with our cell group in the Autumn. Angela

Thanks so much for providing this day, as someone who feels that God may be calling me to dance it was a non-threatening, enjoyable, blessed time. Akua