Christian Praise Dance Videos

Praise Dance Videos and Christian Dance Videos depicting movement and dance in Christian worship have opened up a whole new avenue of blessing for the praise and worship dance ministry in our generation.

Whereas at one time praise dance, liturgical dance and other forms of worship dance ministry, were limited to the moment and place in which they were actually ministered, Christian praise dance videos have allowed that moment to be extended without limit.

Praise dance videos in the form of DVD’s and online Internet video, mean that praise dancers now have the wonderful opportunity to share their gift and anointing with others in a way that was simply not possible just a few decades ago.

Christian dance ministry now has the avenue of anointed video to carry the anointing to the nations.

Our ability and anointing is multiplied through praise dance videos being able to be viewed at any time, and place, by people who may never otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy and be blessed by Christian dance ministry.

In our own Christian dance ministry alone we have one praise and worship dance video that has been viewed on YouTube over 30,000 times (at the time of writing). This means that through the means of praise dance video, this particular Christian dance has had 30,000 times more opportunities to reach people with the love of Christ and the message of the gospel than it could have if it were not recorded in this way.

I encourage you, if you involved in Christian praise and worship dance ministry, to optimise on this opportunity. Multiply your Christian dance gift, and the God given gifts of and your Christian dance company (if you have or are part of one), through praise dance videos.

Here are our recommendations to quickly and economically get all the equipment you need to rapidly and effectively do this. Expand your praise dance ministry powerfully through the means of praise dance video using the following items and plan.

The Praise dance plan (how to multiply your praise and worship dance ministry through the use of praise dance videos)

Necessary items to purchase:

A FLIP ULTRA video camera or Kodak Z8i video camera

A tripod

You will need:

Access to a PC or Macintosh Computer with Internet access

A Youtube account (FREE)

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  1. Tin Nguyen says

    Please let me know whether it is legal to use praise dance videos (legally purchased) to give weekly praise dance classes to a small group of church goers in a church premise.

    (I am aware of this happening in many church premises throughout Adelaide, South Australia, and wish to be assured that it is legal to do so without requiring specific permission from the copyright owners of these videos.)

    • praisedance says

      Here in the UK there is an organisation that covers many of the copyright permissions fro churches called CLCC, there may be a similar organisation in Australia. It will not hust to write to the copyright owners however, explain what you intend to do, and request their permission to do so.

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