Dancing with Gods Armour in his Time

‘Where’s your flower? Let it blossom and grow. Burst with colour where ever it goes. Let its petals unfurl and pollen fly, as your fragrance fills the sky.’

As I look back on my journey of sharing my passion for dance in worship, I realise the way God brings us on a journey, drawing a picture, meandering us until we get to the point that he wants us at. I’m going to draw you a picture of some of that journey that’s got me to where I am today.

Three years ago I felt prompted to start some worship dance sessions in my area, with the aim, just to dance, little did I realise the journey that they and I would go on. I realised early on that whoever came to the sessions came because that was where God wanted them to be that night. So they could deal with an issue, feel Gods love, be encouraged, grow in their faith and be released to be the man or woman that God was calling them to be.

That might seem fairly obvious, but to those people that came, and to me some times it was not so. There were many sessions when I had no one turn up and it was just me, or I had just one, but that felt weird, or on some occasions I had 10, I found it disappointing, frustrating and I was angry sometimes. In my frustration I started to go back through my old notebooks to see if I could find something that may shed light on the varying numbers, and I found it, just a short sentence from December 2009, but so true when I read it.

‘…heart for hearts and not numbers…’

I am more passionate about the people feeling safe to connect with God and do something different, something creative, than necessarily about the numbers. I just needed a little reminding! Acknowledging that released, Living Colour, as it had got named, to grow into something very precious. It has become a place to gather with others and share some of the passion each have for worship, faith, the Bible and more, through dance and movement.

‘Putting creativity and movement at the heart of your faith’

In the summer of 2012, I was prompted to do something with Living Colour that was a little different. To run an intensive evening school to develop something to take out to a community fun morning at the local park. Eight blessed ladies joined me, for what can only be described as a roller coaster. ‘Being Ready’, was the theme, with the Armour of God and a poem called Time: Age as the stimulus. How many of us read the Armour of God and go ‘yeh, I need to do that,’ or ‘I already wear that and walk with that no problem’?

As we took each section of the Armour of God and explored it, asked what it meant to us individually, what God wanted to show, the outreach got put on hold. God was dealing with things and we weren’t going to stop him, wounds needed healing, trust needed gaining and ground needed shaking. As we gave each aspect back to God, the strength that he gave back to us in return was overwhelming.

We took Gods word; we took his voice, his passion for his people and declared it on the local parkland. We knew we had been impacted by exploring it and to see the reaction of the public showed that they had been impacted too. But if we hadn’t dealt individually with what God was saying before we took it out to others, the essence of what God wanted to share may have been lost.

I challenge you, read the Armour of God, ask yourself critically; what does each aspect mean to you? What do you struggle with? How can it be represented? And take those responses and put them into movement and remember to physically put that Armour on when you are going out to do Gods works, in whatever form that maybe.

’… you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life’ Philippians 2.15-16.

You may be asking why Living Colour?

As Christians we have the ability to be someone else, someone not of the norm, who has values and beliefs and wants to share them. Living Colour is about being that different person, having colour and standing out in the crowd in the way that God wants. Colour can bring life, hope, trust and love. What’s the colour in your life at the moment?

A monthly Living Colour gathering happens in Guildford, Surrey that is open to all churches and people of any ability, please visit the website and click on Living Colour to find out when the next session is.

Remember… ‘Everyday people are the movers and shakers. They are the ones who bear testimony to the great events.’ Be Blessed.

Article by: Anna Henry 


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