Messianic Dance

Messianic Dance broadly speaking is simply dance and celebration in movement in honour of the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ.

How powerful and how beautiful is this heartfelt and wholehearted expression of worship to the One True God and His saving Son, Jesus.

Throughout Jewish history dance has played a key part in the worship of God’s people, and joyful expressions of Messianic dance, praising God for His delivering power and glorious presence among His people.

We see prophetic examples of Messianic Dance in Miriam’s worship following the deliverance of the people of Israel from Egypt, and again in the unashamed worship of David as the ark of the Covenant was carried into Jerusalem.

We too have been delivered from bondage to the world, through Jesus Christ, and brought into the very abiding presence of God.

The Messiah, Jesus, has made this deliverance, and new relationship with God, possible through His sacrifice on the cross. As He said, salvation comes from the Jews. He was the Jewish Messiah – the anointed Deliverer.

Not only does the ark of God’s presence rest in a city, the cause of David’s Messianic style celebration, we actually have His presence dwelling with and in us!

No longer confined to a particular place of building, He lives and abides in His people. We are His temple, let us praise and celebrate this reality in Messianic dance. He is surely worthy of our fullest praise.


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    Your post about prophetic dance is beautifully written. I agree with everything that you wrote. I believe that when every dancer realizes their Jewish roots of Christianity, and begin to obey the commandments and His spirit, it will take their dancing to a greater level.

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