Praise Dance Ministry Mission Statement

Developing a mission stament for your praise dance ministry can be a key to focussing your realising your goals as a praise dance group. Mission statements by nature force us to evaluate the purpose and direction of our ministry, and provide a compass point for all that we do thereafter.

The content and emphasis of your praise dance ministry mission statement will differ according to the specific calling of God for your ministry team. Are you called to release dance in the church as an expression of praise and worship? To raise up creative teams to encourage the church and reach he lost? Maybe your praise dance ministry is focussed on working with youth or children, as ours was in the early days of our ministry of movement.

Consider want God has spoken to you, and the focus of your ministry. Where are you experiencing fruitfulness in what you are doing? What has God specifically spoken to you concerning your praise dance ministry?

Have you discussed with your pastoral oversight, and are you working together with the, in agreement? Working in unity with our fellow ministers and the pastors that God has joined us together with can really help is to clarify the mission we are called to accomplish in praise dance, and to discover pathways for that mission to be accomplished within the present structures of our churches. Always remember, we are team players, with a Kingdom focussed heart that sees the big picture, not just ministry focussed.

For us, we have found that the praise dance ministry mission statements that we have developed also have to be flexible, and adaptable to the season of ministry we are presently working in. There are Kairos times, times ordained by God as Now seasons – we need to be open to flow with Him in this.

As I mentioned earlier, our praise dance ministry in church began working with children, ages 5-9. We called it simply Kids Creative Arts, and covers all kinds of creative expression with them in a ministry context. The praise dance ministry mission statement for this was different to what followed.

God then called us to lead a creative arts team, focussed on evangelism. This Anointed Arts department in the church was aimed at developing creative outreach expressions in concerts, street work and other creative events.

Following this we planted new churches in different towns, pastoring and pioneering several congregations. Much of our creative ministry here ran on parallel tracks – encouraging creativity in our people, and developing creative mission teams which we would take to different nations to preach the gospel. Our creativity here was stretched because we needed on mission to bridge language gaps. Of course, visual and dance oriented ministry was perfectly fitted for such trips.

Our focus creatively in dance has now shifted to training and raising up new dancers and encouraging dance ministers in their calling. We also minister at Christian conferences and events, bringing the prophetic anointing that dance can carry – working together with the worship team and other ministers to release the fullness of God’s glorious Kingdom in he midst of His people.

Each of these streams have their own praise Dance ministry mission statement that could be developed. If you are cloudy about the focus of your praise dance ministry, and need to clarify the calling and emphasis of that which you are doing, maybe taking time to prayerfully craft a praise dance ministry mission statement is one of the steps you can take.

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