Worship Him In The Dance

Worship Him In DanceNowhere in Scripture do we get a picture of a grey and lifeless God. Christian worship and worship dance in a Christian context should express the character of the One whom we are worshipping – a vibrant, creative, colorful, supernatural and loving God. Worship dancers are being awakened to their calling like never before.

Although throughout church history there have been times when Christian and worship dance have been rejected or sidelined, and expressive movement in worship has been shunned, today there is a re-awakening taking place that recognizes worship dance as an integral and precious part of our expression to God in praise and adoration. As part of the full expression of worship one would expect those who are truly in love and excited about the redemption of Christ to want to dance and jump and sing a clap. And this is truly what we are seeing.

People are meeting with the presence and reality of God and like David before the ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament cannot contain themselves. They are filled with wonder and bursting with desire to wholeheartedly worship with their entire being.

For some Christian dancers over the past few decades this has seemed a long journey. Worship dance has often been misunderstood. But, thank God, a fresh revelation is sweeping through the church of Jesus Christ, and causing God’s people to embrace again the wonderful discipline and joy of worship dance.

Worship dance and Christian dancers are enjoying a broad expression of praise and worship including everything from traditional Messianic dance steps, modern ballet and jazz, lyrical and interpretive dance and spontaneous prophetic expression, through to hip hop and other modern expressive modes of communicating our heart to God.

Worship dancers are also realising the power of worship and Christian dance to bring the message of Christ to those outside the church, and movement and mime are being powerfully used in evangelism.


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